Attempting the impossible

My theme for this blog (and the next 8 blogs and yesterday’s if it wasn’t obvious) is book/film quotes.

No spoilers tonight. But I recently watched a film about scientists who were trying to find a way to help save the human race (set in the future, the end is nigh, you know the kind of film) by turning humans into super-humans able to survive on another planet.
In one scene, one of the main characters says “No one attempts the impossible without believing in something greater than themselves”

This really resonated for me and what I point to here in my blog.

In a number of recent conversations, I have heard, and used, the words
“A person will never do anything differently until it makes sense for them to do something differently”

For example, if it makes sense to me to eat McDonalds every day, no matter how many people tell me otherwise, I am going to keep doing that.
(I don’t eat McDonalds every day, this is only an example, I try to keep it to alternate days 😉)

If I were to have a different thought about McDonalds, “It might be sensible to only have McDonalds once a week”, then – and only then – will it make sense to me to do something different with my McDonalds related behaviour.

What I heard, when those words were used during the film, was that it won’t make sense to us do something ‘impossible’ until it makes sense to us or, in other words, we have a different thought about it.

And as we see that we are part of something much bigger than our human being experience, it starts to become apparent that we can have a different thought about anything – even those things that once looked impossible.

For me, one of those things was driving. It is a little over 2 years since I passed my driving test, finally. I had lessons when I was 18 and gave up. I had lessons again when I was about 24 and after failing a number of tests, I gave up.

After coming across these principles and really, deeply seeing, there was something greater than me at work, I was able to start driving lessons again and somewhere inside of me I knew that it wasn’t on me – that learning to drive and passing a test wasn’t on my shoulders and whatever the outcome it didn’t mean anything about me, about my true essence and this bigger picture we are all a part of.

And as it happened I passed my test – the first one I had taken this time around – perhaps it was because I was more relaxed and calmer than on previous occasions. Whatever the reason, I could really see that I had attempted my impossible because I could see something greater than me at work. I had seen something differently and it now made sense to me, after years of people telling me I should learn to drive, to try again.

When we truly see that there is an energy behind life, before our personal thinking, it opens up for new thought and allows us to make sense of something in an entirely new way.

Imagine what could be possible from there!

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