ETDL (list)


Write a story
Celebrate when 1000 thimbles have been collected
Re-read my World travel diary & add in some photos of key moments
Re-order my photos from World travels
Wear 18th birthday dress for 40th birthday party (or appropriate celebration)
Register to donate bone marrow… donate if required

Own a business
Do volunteer work (for at least 6 months)
Own a tortoise
Go grey naturally!!

See as much of the UK as possible
See as much of Europe as possible
See as much of the World as possible
Sleep in tree house
Sleep in snow globe
Sleep in a light house
Sleep in penthouse suite
Sleep on a beach
Visit Chatsworth house
Visit Lyme Park
Visit Ironbridge with Dad and sisters
Visit Coventry watch museum!
Natural History Museum: night at the museum
Visit house of commons/Lords
Go to the opera
See the Northern lights
Go on a cruise
Go to the aquarium in Dubai
Go to London zoo
Go to a show at London Globe theatre
Visit London Sea Life Centre
Go for a Spa weekend retreat
Grow and eat my own vegetables
See Jess Glynn in concert
Play bingo
See an illusionist live
Travel by Eurotunnel
Stay at Kit Hill House, Polperro
Do a river cruise on Thames, London
Have a holiday at Centre Parcs
Do a canal boat holiday
Visit Slimbridge
Take part in a “yes” day
Stay at Cromlix hotel – Andy Murray’s hotel
Have a holiday in London to do all the tourist things!! (Shard, Mad Tus., Shrek, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben plus others on list)
Enter the Red Bull Soap Box race
Experience a Sensory Deprivation (Isolation) tank
Buy a bus/vehicle and transform it into a camper van of sorts
Do a ‘tour’ of Stratford i.e. all of the Shakespeare houses
Go on ‘swing’ boats in Cornwall
Plant a tree
Visit Hereford cathedral
Go skinny dipping
Go on a hovercraft
Visit Kew Gardens (at Christmas)
Go to Disney on ice
Meet one of the (approx) 9 people who look like me…
Walk a suspension bridge
Walk on hot coals
Visit a natural hot spring
Stay in an igloo
Swim with sea turtles
Have a go at glass-blowing
Go to a live TV show recording
Go to circus (Cirque de Soleil)
Go to an American basketball game & baseball and ice hockey
Go to mardi gras
Have a mud bath
Send a message in a bottle
Write a letter to my future self
Drive route 66
Visit sea glass beach, California
Do an escape room

Take part in The Big Sleep (London)
Twin my toilet!
Build a house with Habitat for humanity
Sponsor a childs wish with Make a wish

TV, books & film
Watch all unseen DVDs (movies) that I own
Watch all James Bond DVDs
Watch all unseen DVDs (TV) that I own
Read all Beatrix Potter books
Read one chapter of War & Peace (continue reading if good!)
Re-read Hitchhikers guide series
Read Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
Watch some Monty Python

Learn to read music
Learn one song on the piano
Learn to ice skate
Learn some self defence
Learn to start a fire without matches
Learn to belly dance


Create a photobook celebrating my 30th birthday adventures
Natural History Museum
Tower of London (not actually on the list!)
Go to Wimbledon
Tried new tea flavours (12 in total)
Skydive – raising £640 for Big Issue Foundation
Compile a list of songs I love
Greece – Athens & Zante
Go to a Rugby game
Tried Zumba
Sleep at Coombe Abbey
Visit Arbury hall with Mum
Visit Port Isaac
Go up Snowdon with Andrew
Zip wire
Finish scrapbook of World travels
Take part in a Race for life
Create and maintain a blog
Visit Anne Frank museum
Attend a Byron Katie event
Serve at a soup kitchen
Buy Soldier Soldier and watch
Learn Yoga
Learn to drive
Get nails done
Go to an Ice hockey game (preferably Coventry Blaze)
Kenilworth castle (as part of castle tour!)
Do a tour of castles: (Cornwall 2017 St Michaels Mount, Pendennis, St Mawes, St Catherines, Restormal and Totnes) (South Wales 2017 Caerphilly, St Bishops Palace, Oxwich)
Tour of Cornwall (see as much of the UK as possible)
Make a general scrapbook – using a photo album book 🙂
Adopt a sea turtle – had one for my birthday 😀
Decide whether to have colonic irrigation – no!
Ride on a motorbike
Visit a Lavender farm
Go strawberry picking
Get a tattoo
See the inside of War Memorial Tower in Coventry
Keep a list of the cities I have done a bus tour of
Continue being open to the truth and self-growth
Move to Devon
Attend a Murder Mystery
Go to the ballet
Go to Think tank in Bham
Go wild camping
Have a go on a Segway
Have one poem published, in a publication with readership of over 1000
Ask someone clever put my fave songs onto my computer
Go glamping (Yurt)
Firework competition – Plymouth

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