No-one is Broken

I have just spent a day and a half at a conference – Resilient Young Minds – with a group of amazing people who are all looking to share a really simple truth: No-one is Broken.

Really? I hear you say (well, actually if you have read my blogs before you should already know this 😉)

Yes, really!

Over the course of the event a number of people spoke to this truth, different perspectives and experiences, same truth: No-one is Broken.

As the title of the event suggests, we were talking about how to share this truth with young people.

I was blown away by the young people who attended the event, from a local school, to share their understanding and what they have seen whilst being in this conversation. I cannot put into words how much it touched me to see these students stand on a stage, in front of a room full of adults and tell us the truth as they see it….

Mental health is an issue we need to talk about more (fortunately I think most of us had already seen that…score 1 for the adults 😉)
We need to give young people a voice
Pointing them to their own wisdom is the key
We are all human and No-one is Broken

I have heard many people ask “If we are not broken, they why share this, why do this work?” – great question, right.

What I was reminded of again over these last two days was how amazing it is to share this understanding. Not because someone is broken but because we can feel broken, we can fool ourselves and each other, innocently, that we are. And being in this conversation, sharing what we see, just points us back to three simple things:

No-one is broken
No-one needs fixing
You are perfect as you are

What an amazing event and I cannot wait to see what comes from this space of inspiration!



What do I know?

If I had been there when the world came into form how would I describe what I saw?

Would I perhaps have seen the most breathtakingly beautiful and biggest firework display of the entire universe?

Would God have had angels dancing across the vast emptiness hanging stars, the moon, and the sun. Placing the planets in position – a team of angelic beings working in harmony together?

Would it have happened in an instant… One moment a vast empty spaciousness and the next filled with the jewels of planets and stars hanging exactly where they were meant to?

Or would it have unrolled piece by majestic piece, a dance, a tapestry painted across a blank canvas until my eyes made sense of what was before me?

Would I know that God was the creator? Would I describe the experience as a Big Firework explosion?

Would it appear to my simple eyes as a long drawn out evolution of all pieces coming together?

Would I experience time, beauty or even God throughout what unfolds?

How could I possibly know? I wasn’t there… I can only entertain these imaginings.

What do I know?
I know that a planted acorn eventually becomes a tree.
I know a popcorn kernel, under the right pressure, becomes edible popcorn.
I know that I can “hear” the feeling someone is pointing me towards and experience an insight.
I know that my whole body can explode into orgasm.
I know that a bird knows how to find its way exactly where it is migrating to.
I know that a tree, when cut down, knows to send it’s nutrients on to other trees.
I know that a mother with a broken leg can run on it, holding her baby in her arms to bring that baby to safety.
I know that a sunflower knows how to turn its face to the sun.
I know that a bee knows how to find pollen.

And I know that in every single moment Creation is unfolding, Love explodes from the formless into form and Life evolves from moment to moment.

And aren’t they all the same?

Why robots will never take over the world

Have you ever heard people saying that eventually robots (or technology) will take over the world? I have, and whilst I can see why it might look that way, I have always known that isn’t really possible.
Only yesterday I had an insight that explains why this can never happen….

I was having a conversation with the universe, whilst driving along the M5 (a fun little game I like to play whilst driving along – ask BIG questions and then sit back and wait for the answers!)

So, I was asking about Artificial Intelligence and pondering on what human traits we can replicate in technology (or robots) and what we can’t.
I could see that we can easily make a robot with intelligence, a machine that ‘knows’ information and can even make a judgement, of sorts, based on that knowledge.

What came to me next was that as humans what we could never replicate is the missing piece…. The “God” particle… the part that makes us alive.

I was recently listening to Judy Sedgeman explaining how she used to ask medical trainees “what is the difference between a person who is alive and someone who is dead?” and their answer was always to explain that certain functions of the body determined whether a person was dead or alive. However, this is not what she was pointing to. A living person has a certain ‘spark’ – life – running through them that has nothing to do with the whether the functions of our bodies are working or not.

That spark, for me, is what I referred to earlier as the God particle.
And that God particle doesn’t exist in technology or robots. No matter how intellectual the humans are that are creating them, it is not possible to re-create the God particle.

Let me give you an example…..
Imagine a robotic machine, designed by human to look exactly like a human being. Designed with all of the same bodily functions as a human – a heart, a digestive system, lungs, kidneys, a brain that sends messages around the body, even blood that pumps around the body. You could hook that robot up to the right kind of power and those functions could work. But it would still be a robot, a machine, why? What is missing….

The life force that runs through us, the God particle, the energy that makes us alive.
We have no idea how to re-create this because it is exists ‘before’ us.
And without that a robot or machine will never be alive in the way that humans are and so, you can rest easy because robots will never take over the world!

The Illusion of Control

3 steps to complete control in your life
1. Realise that you experience what you think
2. Spend every second attempting to control and change your thoughts
3. Burn yourself out because you are operating from a misunderstanding!

Oops, I should have called that “3 steps to understanding you have no control” !

When I first saw that thought created my experience, it looked like a good idea to find techniques to change my thoughts or exercise some control over my thoughts. You know the kind of things, positive affirmations in the morning, consciously thinking about ‘happy’ things and so on.

Have you ever tried these kinds of techniques? It is quite a lot of work, I often forgot that I was meant to be doing them and would find my thoughts going off on their own with no input from me and 99% of the time it was completed wasted energy.

I kept looking in the direction of where my experience comes from and what I saw happening was this:

1. I have a thought
2. I have thoughts about that thought
3. I have thoughts about whether I should be thinking so much about the thoughts I am having
4. I have thoughts about how to change the thought
5. I have thoughts about controlling my thinking
6. I have thoughts about how to fix myself or thinking I should know better
7. I have a new thought

Or sometimes it went like this:
1. I have a thought
2. I have no thoughts about that thought
3. I have a new thought

What I am pointing to here is that it is ALL thought.
Every single bit of it ….. each one of those ‘steps’ – read them again….
Thought, thought, thought….
Every step of my experience, whichever version is playing out, is thought.

And it became clearer to me that I have no control over which thought comes next, whether I have experience A or experience B (or some other variation).

So, if I have no control of which thoughts I pay attention to and which thoughts pass, attempting to change my thoughts, or control my thoughts, is a losing battle. One I don’t need to fight.

And the reason I don’t need to ‘fight’ that battle, as is clear in my examples above, is that new thought always come to me. At some point in the process new thought is available and my experience changes – no more wasted energy for me!

Dead or Alive?

A common misunderstanding I have often heard around the Principles is that understanding them means we no longer feel things.
For example, if something happens that others would perceive as bad, now I understand the Principles behind life I won’t feel upset, angry or even grieve etc.

I have found the opposite to be true.

I recall a time in my life when things felt so difficult I, almost intentionally, found myself to be quite emotionally dead inside. I ‘stopped’ myself from feeling, I was so anxious, worried and nervous about what I was feeling – and no-one had told me it was all normal – that I ignored my feelings, bit my lip, pasted a smile on my face and said “Yes, everything is fine” and so on.

I also remember a time when it felt like everything was wrong, 30 years-worth of emotions were bubbling to the surface and I was an emotional blubbering wreck for many days.

Since my very first insight whilst talking about this understanding it doesn’t feel as though I have stopped feeling. In fact, in many ways my feelings are more alive, I am more aware of, and accepting of them, than ever before.
I no longer feel the need to ignore my feelings, to pretend they don’t exist and try to avoid them.

In times past, I have heard sad stories and barely felt them, watched sad movies and not been moved at all, seen emotionally provoking TV, news etc and felt annoyed that I had wasted my time on such things.
These days, I am far more likely to shed tears and feel moved, touched and connected by such stories, films and news.

Understanding how life works and knowing that feelings will come, and feelings will pass, that this is normal and all part of the amazing human experience, it feels a lot more comfortable to experience an emotion. To fully experience an emotion in any moment, knowing that the truth of who I am cannot be damaged, is such a freeing experience.

I am way more emotionally alive these days than ever before and without doubt that is the freedom that comes from understanding how life works.

Would I ever go back to being emotionally dead, a seemingly pain free existence? Absolutely not, bring on the rollercoaster of life…. I love every moment!!

Applying the Principles

When I first started hearing talk of these principles I had been around a lot of people who shared and worked with techniques. Techniques that had been designed, with all good intentions, to help people.
Whenever I heard of something new in the ‘self-help’ arena I wanted to learn the technique. To add it to my menu of techniques to be able to call upon it when I had a client or friend in front of me who needed fixing.

I tried to make the principles fit inside the frame of reference I already had.
It is similar to….
It is a bit like…..
That sounds like….
And so on.

At some point, I heard something else. I heard that the principles are not a technique. They are not something else I can add to my tool belt.

When I first share the principles with someone I often see them doing the same as me. Scanning their memory for something similar, where can they make this fit into what they already know. And I regularly hear the question “So, how do I apply the principles?” or the statement “I can’t apply the principles to this circumstance”

For me, the principles are the foundation on which everything else fits. When we understand how life works, via these principles, everything else we know makes sense. It makes sense why meditation and other techniques work really well. It also explains why they sometimes don’t work!

There is nothing to apply with the principles. Understanding that our reality is created moment to moment via thought, no matter what thinking tells us, is all it takes for something amazing to happen. A shift occurs when we look to understand that this is what is happening.

And when we see that thought is always at play, and this is the system working, we see that we don’t need fixing and neither does anyone else. Pointing someone in the direction of truth is all that is ever required. No application – just understanding.

Just my thinking!!

I hear the statement “just your thinking / just my thinking” an awful lot of the time.

I dislike* this statement and here is why:

When I was first introduced to these three simple spiritual principles I was in a mess. A self-created mess. Deb started explaining to me how I live in the feeling of my thinking.

At first, what I heard was “it’s just your thinking” – everything I experienced was my thinking creating my feelings. I was able to use this as a stick to beat myself up for the mess I had created. When I got stuck I was able to sarcastically remind myself it was just my thinking. As though that would help me in any real way…..!

The more I looked to understand this, the more I saw how absolutely incredible the principle of thought is.

In any given moment, Mind (the power behind life) is providing me with personal thinking.
The principle of consciousness brings those thoughts to life. I actually experience my thinking, in all it’s full-technicolor-glory. It is like being at the most amazing, stunts and all 4-dimensional cinema show! Really, how incredible is that?

Another way I have heard it said is “we are the creative essence of the entire universe”
There is no ‘just’ about it – the energy that moves through us, that we experience as thinking in all it’s glory, is no small thing!

So, next time you consider your thinking, remember how incredibly awesome it is – whatever feelings you are experiencing, happy or sad, sit back and enjoy the show 😊

*I fully accept and understand that it is ‘just my thinking’ that means I don’t like this phrase… before someone points this out to me 😉