Get out of jail free!

Have you ever read the Chronicles of Narnia series by C S Lewis? They blow my mind! So much of what is written in the books, particularly The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is based on the Bible.

In the last book – The Last Battle – there is this incredible quote:

“They have chosen cunning instead of belief. Their prison is only in their minds, yet they are in that prison; and so afraid of being taken in that they cannot be taken out”

Truth is found everywhere and in everything – religious texts, novels, songs, films and so on. How come? Because truth is innate in you and me, so no matter what we turn our hand to – writing books, a film script, a song, raising a child, planting a flower, driving a car, cooking a meal – truth is going to be in there too. As either the creator, or the receiver, of those things when truth is innate in us, we both see and share it all the time. Even if we don’t know that we have!

The quote sits in a chapter where some of the main characters have entered a beautiful and plentiful land. Other characters – the Dwarfs – are all so lost in their beliefs about the land around them, so afraid to be taken in by a false promise that they are blind to their incredible surroundings. They literally cannot see, hear, taste, smell or feel the amazing surroundings they are a part of.

So, the quote above, what truth do you hear in that?

For me, it points to how trapped we can get in our minds. That when we choose ‘cunning’ (e.g. we attempt to save ourselves from the perceived ills of the world) instead of trusting that we are part of a system that works, we get lost in our thoughts and minds. So afraid to see the truth of who we are we create our own prisons, we limit ourselves and nothing and no-one can take us out of it!

In the book, a little before the above quote, the Dwarfs – the ones who are in their own thought created prisons – all started believing that each other had something better than they had and started fighting each other.

And isn’t this what we do? When we are so lost in our own prisons, we fight everyone around us in the misguided belief that they have something we don’t.

Thankfully, we all have the same innate ability to know the truth of who we are and where our experience, our prisons, come from.

Our very own get out of jail free card!

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