Spoiler alert: if you haven’t read Hitchcikers Guide to the Galaxy and are considering doing so, you may want to skip the first part of the blog!

In Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the question “what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?” is posed to a computer called Deep Thought. It takes Deep Thought millions of years to come up with the answer and eventually the answer is 42.

Over the last week, I have been in conversation with a few different people and there has been a recurring theme: our personal intellect vs the deeper intellect behind life.

Allow me to expand. So, our intellect is that part of us that knows to wear ice skates not football boots when we go ice skating, that knows what 2 + 2 is, that can identify what we need from the supermarket to make a favoured recipe and so on. Our intellect is extremely good at resolving problems when we have the full equation at hand.

But there is a deeper intellect behind life – the intellect that is already programmed into an acorn to enable it, in the right conditions, to develop into an oak tree. My personal intellect plays no part in that. There are hundreds, thousands of examples of this intellect (the universe, source, God, energy etc) in life.

This deeper intelligence is something we are part of – it is the essence of who we are before our human-ness.

This means that we have ‘access’ to this intellect and this intellect – I quite like to call it Wisdom – provides us with the answers we need, when we need them for problems that are beyond our personal intellect (our IQ).

There are some problems that we cannot solve using our personal intellect. And when we try to, we do our own heads in…. going around in circles trying to solve an equation we don’t have all the parts to. When we are trying to resolve something that exists only in our imagination about how the future will look, we do not yet have a complete equation. We cannot know exactly how a future, imagined, scenario will play out. And when that future time comes, we will have access to information we don’t have yet – the equation will be complete.
And until then, we have access to wisdom to guide us to know what our next step is.

Our personal intellect is not designed to resolve the problem of imagined scenarios, it just cannot do that. Just like the computer Deep Thought, it will only provide intellectual answers to something far beyond intellect.

The more we see that wisdom is always available to us, the easier it becomes to hear that wisdom when we need to. We then know whether a problem in front of us if of an intellectual nature (2 + 2) or a wisdom nature. And we have unlimited access to Wisdom!

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