Poem, Songs, Yurt & Fireworks

OK, so over the last 9 months, whilst living in Devon, I have managed to tick off a few more items from my Eternal To Do list.

Have one poem published, in a publication with readership of over 1000
At the end of last year Lucy very kindly published a poetry book, compiled of poems written by me, Deb and herself – Inside Out Uni-Verse
Whilst we haven’t sold 1000 copies yet, I think this classes as I am in no doubt that we will!

Ask someone clever put my fave songs onto my computer
In light of modern technology, I have updated this item slightly to: put all my favourite songs on Amazon Prime music, on phone…… and this is done!

Go glamping (Yurt)
Finally, Andrew and I went and camped in a Yurt. It was so much. It was a super lovely campsite and we went on the motorbike too, just to make it a full adventure. It was both similar to, and quite different to, regular camping.
The Yurt itself was a really solid structure so it didn’t feel at all like a tent, and it had a fairly substantial ‘kitchenette’ which made it feel less ‘camping-style’. However, having to walk miles across damp grass to get to the toilet blocks for showers and toilets definitely felt like camping! We had a BBQ in the evening and Andrew built a campfire with wood logs he had chopped. I really enjoy being outside and whilst I still think I prefer real camping (!) I did enjoy my Yurt experience.

Firework competition – Plymouth
Back in summer last year, I finally managed to tick this one off. Being a little closer to Plymouth these days than I used to be, it made perfect sense to do this one now.
And to add to the fun, we made it a sister’s night! Lu, Kate and I set off from Kate’s house and parked in a park and ride car park for Plymouth. I cannot honestly remember the last time the three of us were on a bus together…..so, naturally, we took some selfies!
The competition was fantastic, after spending quite some time trying to find a good spot to view the fireworks from we settled in, craned our necks and the sky exploded. It was amazing – even Lucy got over her fear of the loud bangs and enjoyed it!

In recognition of seeing as much of Europe as possible, Andrew and I visited Switzerland in September last year too. An amazing week in Geneva…. An incredibly beautiful city – my favourite city destination I reckon!







Bigger picture

In keeping with my theme, this quote stood out for me in the book I am currently reading:

“That we are all part of some great cycle, some pattern that it was only God’s purpose to understand…..  A silent promise, if you like, that there was a bigger picture, a brighter future”

A mother talking about something she wants to share with her son who is suicidal.

As soon as I read this quote, I knew it was going to be one of my blogs because, as I have pointed to before, there is truth in everything!

For any of my blog readers who don’t know, I was raised as a church-attendee and have always been pointed to there being a purpose, a bigger picture, in life. This always sat pretty comfortably with me. The part that was always a bit muddy for me was what that bigger picture was. What this ‘great cycle or pattern’ is that I was told about and is mentioned in the quote above.

If you have never read any of my blogs before you can be forgiven for being utterly surprised when I tell you what that looks like to me……

It looks, to me, as though the great cycle or pattern is the system I may well have referred to before. The system we are all a part of; that we feel what we think, that we have the ability to be aware of ourselves and that there is an intelligence behind life.

What I see clearly, is that we experience the energy behind life in each moment as thought/feeling.  The pattern is that thought changes – that is 100% guaranteed – we will always have new thought. Thought is a professional at its job and I have seen many occasions where thought happily comes along and provides an experience where you believe you don’t have new thought and have always felt this way. Clever little bugger!

But the pattern remains – we will have new thought, even when thought tells us differently.

 The silent promise of a bigger picture and a brighter future is built in to the understanding of how our experience is created and that we are part of that bigger picture. We are fundamentally the essence of the universe – we are made of the same stuff as the intelligence behind life that I referred to earlier.

And knowing this, knowing how experience is created takes the sting out of that experience. And seeing that we are the creative essence of the universe takes the weight off our shoulders, the burden of having to succeed or get it right or achieve. Instead, we are able to turn up to life, with the passion that is uniquely ours, and live life to the fullest without the pressures we often burden ourselves with.

And therein lies our brighter future!


“…But to be my own master, such a thing would be greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world”

Another amazing quote from Alladin – I told you truth was everywhere!  To be our own master – isn’t that what we all want?

There is a, sometimes, predictable pattern of insight as people start to hear about these principles behind life. The most common one is that people hear the principle of thought and believe that, in order to be happy, less anxious and have a better life, they need to control their thinking.
And for a short period of time that seems like a good option and we might feel better in ourselves.

I have had a number of conversations with people who, after having spent some time trying to control their thinking, are a little disheartened because it really isn’t that easy after all.
They believe that control their thinking leads to becoming their own master, that this is the answer to peace in their lives.

Seeing that our experience is thought created is only the very first piece of the puzzle here. When we look deeper at how this system, these principles, works we start to see that we don’t need to control our thoughts to be our own masters. We simply look to understand that it is thought that creates our feeling, our experience and to know that it is built into the system that thought changes.

When we know this simple truth – thought changes – we do not have to do anything at all.

It is done for us. Thought changes. New experience is available.

And this is when we become our own masters. Because now we are free to do whatever makes sense to us to do, with whatever thinking we have, in any given moment.

This is greater than all the magic and all the treasures in all the world!!!!!!!


Shrek: People used to call me a monster and for a long time I believed them. But after a while you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are

I absolutely love this quote from Shrek. So simple and says it all.

Trust who you are. There are two reasons our business is called Dare2BU.

Number 1, because all of us in one way or another, before we came across the principles, lost sight of who we were as individuals.

We were so keen to ensure that people liked us, that we neglected to like ourselves; to enjoy the things we enjoyed without worrying if others would approve. I didn’t always feel able to share an opinion before someone else did in case I was disliked for it.

So, how does someone go from that to being a person who knows what they like, does the things they enjoy and shares their opinion?

Well, I started to see that I am allowed to be who I am. No amount of trying to please other people was actually guaranteed to succeed. Sometimes we like people and sometimes we don’t – we can even like and dislike the same person at different times (your husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, friends, kids…. You know what I mean!!)

It began to make more sense to be myself and people who would like, would like me and people who wouldn’t, wouldn’t.

And then I saw the truth of who I was, before my personality, before the character of Beccy. Which brings me to reason 2.

We are (I absolutely love this phrase and never tire of it) the entire creative essence of the entire universe!!!!!!!!

And once I started to see that, well! It just blew me away. It changes everything….. We are limitless. When we know that we are the essence of the universe we are invited to see that everything is made up. Failure and success, fear and hate, good and bad, monster or princess. And we are all the same. Somehow this invokes a compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. And from here we step out into the world being who we are, both before our personalities and as our personalities. And magic happens!

Get out of jail free!

Have you ever read the Chronicles of Narnia series by C S Lewis? They blow my mind! So much of what is written in the books, particularly The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is based on the Bible.

In the last book – The Last Battle – there is this incredible quote:

“They have chosen cunning instead of belief. Their prison is only in their minds, yet they are in that prison; and so afraid of being taken in that they cannot be taken out”

Truth is found everywhere and in everything – religious texts, novels, songs, films and so on. How come? Because truth is innate in you and me, so no matter what we turn our hand to – writing books, a film script, a song, raising a child, planting a flower, driving a car, cooking a meal – truth is going to be in there too. As either the creator, or the receiver, of those things when truth is innate in us, we both see and share it all the time. Even if we don’t know that we have!

The quote sits in a chapter where some of the main characters have entered a beautiful and plentiful land. Other characters – the Dwarfs – are all so lost in their beliefs about the land around them, so afraid to be taken in by a false promise that they are blind to their incredible surroundings. They literally cannot see, hear, taste, smell or feel the amazing surroundings they are a part of.

So, the quote above, what truth do you hear in that?

For me, it points to how trapped we can get in our minds. That when we choose ‘cunning’ (e.g. we attempt to save ourselves from the perceived ills of the world) instead of trusting that we are part of a system that works, we get lost in our thoughts and minds. So afraid to see the truth of who we are we create our own prisons, we limit ourselves and nothing and no-one can take us out of it!

In the book, a little before the above quote, the Dwarfs – the ones who are in their own thought created prisons – all started believing that each other had something better than they had and started fighting each other.

And isn’t this what we do? When we are so lost in our own prisons, we fight everyone around us in the misguided belief that they have something we don’t.

Thankfully, we all have the same innate ability to know the truth of who we are and where our experience, our prisons, come from.

Our very own get out of jail free card!

Attempting the impossible

My theme for this blog (and the next 8 blogs and yesterday’s if it wasn’t obvious) is book/film quotes.

No spoilers tonight. But I recently watched a film about scientists who were trying to find a way to help save the human race (set in the future, the end is nigh, you know the kind of film) by turning humans into super-humans able to survive on another planet.
In one scene, one of the main characters says “No one attempts the impossible without believing in something greater than themselves”

This really resonated for me and what I point to here in my blog.

In a number of recent conversations, I have heard, and used, the words
“A person will never do anything differently until it makes sense for them to do something differently”

For example, if it makes sense to me to eat McDonalds every day, no matter how many people tell me otherwise, I am going to keep doing that.
(I don’t eat McDonalds every day, this is only an example, I try to keep it to alternate days 😉)

If I were to have a different thought about McDonalds, “It might be sensible to only have McDonalds once a week”, then – and only then – will it make sense to me to do something different with my McDonalds related behaviour.

What I heard, when those words were used during the film, was that it won’t make sense to us do something ‘impossible’ until it makes sense to us or, in other words, we have a different thought about it.

And as we see that we are part of something much bigger than our human being experience, it starts to become apparent that we can have a different thought about anything – even those things that once looked impossible.

For me, one of those things was driving. It is a little over 2 years since I passed my driving test, finally. I had lessons when I was 18 and gave up. I had lessons again when I was about 24 and after failing a number of tests, I gave up.

After coming across these principles and really, deeply seeing, there was something greater than me at work, I was able to start driving lessons again and somewhere inside of me I knew that it wasn’t on me – that learning to drive and passing a test wasn’t on my shoulders and whatever the outcome it didn’t mean anything about me, about my true essence and this bigger picture we are all a part of.

And as it happened I passed my test – the first one I had taken this time around – perhaps it was because I was more relaxed and calmer than on previous occasions. Whatever the reason, I could really see that I had attempted my impossible because I could see something greater than me at work. I had seen something differently and it now made sense to me, after years of people telling me I should learn to drive, to try again.

When we truly see that there is an energy behind life, before our personal thinking, it opens up for new thought and allows us to make sense of something in an entirely new way.

Imagine what could be possible from there!


Spoiler alert: if you haven’t read Hitchcikers Guide to the Galaxy and are considering doing so, you may want to skip the first part of the blog!

In Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy the question “what is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?” is posed to a computer called Deep Thought. It takes Deep Thought millions of years to come up with the answer and eventually the answer is 42.

Over the last week, I have been in conversation with a few different people and there has been a recurring theme: our personal intellect vs the deeper intellect behind life.

Allow me to expand. So, our intellect is that part of us that knows to wear ice skates not football boots when we go ice skating, that knows what 2 + 2 is, that can identify what we need from the supermarket to make a favoured recipe and so on. Our intellect is extremely good at resolving problems when we have the full equation at hand.

But there is a deeper intellect behind life – the intellect that is already programmed into an acorn to enable it, in the right conditions, to develop into an oak tree. My personal intellect plays no part in that. There are hundreds, thousands of examples of this intellect (the universe, source, God, energy etc) in life.

This deeper intelligence is something we are part of – it is the essence of who we are before our human-ness.

This means that we have ‘access’ to this intellect and this intellect – I quite like to call it Wisdom – provides us with the answers we need, when we need them for problems that are beyond our personal intellect (our IQ).

There are some problems that we cannot solve using our personal intellect. And when we try to, we do our own heads in…. going around in circles trying to solve an equation we don’t have all the parts to. When we are trying to resolve something that exists only in our imagination about how the future will look, we do not yet have a complete equation. We cannot know exactly how a future, imagined, scenario will play out. And when that future time comes, we will have access to information we don’t have yet – the equation will be complete.
And until then, we have access to wisdom to guide us to know what our next step is.

Our personal intellect is not designed to resolve the problem of imagined scenarios, it just cannot do that. Just like the computer Deep Thought, it will only provide intellectual answers to something far beyond intellect.

The more we see that wisdom is always available to us, the easier it becomes to hear that wisdom when we need to. We then know whether a problem in front of us if of an intellectual nature (2 + 2) or a wisdom nature. And we have unlimited access to Wisdom!