Poem, Songs, Yurt & Fireworks

OK, so over the last 9 months, whilst living in Devon, I have managed to tick off a few more items from my Eternal To Do list.

Have one poem published, in a publication with readership of over 1000
At the end of last year Lucy very kindly published a poetry book, compiled of poems written by me, Deb and herself – Inside Out Uni-Verse
Whilst we haven’t sold 1000 copies yet, I think this classes as I am in no doubt that we will!

Ask someone clever put my fave songs onto my computer
In light of modern technology, I have updated this item slightly to: put all my favourite songs on Amazon Prime music, on phone…… and this is done!

Go glamping (Yurt)
Finally, Andrew and I went and camped in a Yurt. It was so much. It was a super lovely campsite and we went on the motorbike too, just to make it a full adventure. It was both similar to, and quite different to, regular camping.
The Yurt itself was a really solid structure so it didn’t feel at all like a tent, and it had a fairly substantial ‘kitchenette’ which made it feel less ‘camping-style’. However, having to walk miles across damp grass to get to the toilet blocks for showers and toilets definitely felt like camping! We had a BBQ in the evening and Andrew built a campfire with wood logs he had chopped. I really enjoy being outside and whilst I still think I prefer real camping (!) I did enjoy my Yurt experience.

Firework competition – Plymouth
Back in summer last year, I finally managed to tick this one off. Being a little closer to Plymouth these days than I used to be, it made perfect sense to do this one now.
And to add to the fun, we made it a sister’s night! Lu, Kate and I set off from Kate’s house and parked in a park and ride car park for Plymouth. I cannot honestly remember the last time the three of us were on a bus together…..so, naturally, we took some selfies!
The competition was fantastic, after spending quite some time trying to find a good spot to view the fireworks from we settled in, craned our necks and the sky exploded. It was amazing – even Lucy got over her fear of the loud bangs and enjoyed it!

In recognition of seeing as much of Europe as possible, Andrew and I visited Switzerland in September last year too. An amazing week in Geneva…. An incredibly beautiful city – my favourite city destination I reckon!






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