Shrek: People used to call me a monster and for a long time I believed them. But after a while you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are

I absolutely love this quote from Shrek. So simple and says it all.

Trust who you are. There are two reasons our business is called Dare2BU.

Number 1, because all of us in one way or another, before we came across the principles, lost sight of who we were as individuals.

We were so keen to ensure that people liked us, that we neglected to like ourselves; to enjoy the things we enjoyed without worrying if others would approve. I didn’t always feel able to share an opinion before someone else did in case I was disliked for it.

So, how does someone go from that to being a person who knows what they like, does the things they enjoy and shares their opinion?

Well, I started to see that I am allowed to be who I am. No amount of trying to please other people was actually guaranteed to succeed. Sometimes we like people and sometimes we don’t – we can even like and dislike the same person at different times (your husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, friends, kids…. You know what I mean!!)

It began to make more sense to be myself and people who would like, would like me and people who wouldn’t, wouldn’t.

And then I saw the truth of who I was, before my personality, before the character of Beccy. Which brings me to reason 2.

We are (I absolutely love this phrase and never tire of it) the entire creative essence of the entire universe!!!!!!!!

And once I started to see that, well! It just blew me away. It changes everything….. We are limitless. When we know that we are the essence of the universe we are invited to see that everything is made up. Failure and success, fear and hate, good and bad, monster or princess. And we are all the same. Somehow this invokes a compassion and understanding for ourselves and others. And from here we step out into the world being who we are, both before our personalities and as our personalities. And magic happens!

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